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Many, many years ago, I worked for a phone company. And I got a mobile phone, and I had it on a staff plan.

Some years later, they realised that I had left the company and I probably wasn’t entitled to a staff plan anymore. Fortunately, by that time, we could access the same plan through Fraser’s work. So we changed the phone into his name (and got a new number), and kept it on the plan.

Earlier this year, we got a letter to say that they had realised we were on the really really good plan that plan was no longer available and they had switched us to a basic plan.  My phone bills went from about $15-$25 a month to around $100 a month. Ouch. I need the phone for work, so cancelling was not an option. And I am, mostly, allergic to contracts, especially on services that I have been using since 1995 or so.

Then I went to Europe. I rang to confirm I had Roaming, and they told me that I had to go onto a Plan. A 12 month  contract, to be specific. So I said OK, because I really really wanted to be able to use my phone in Europe, and I got a contract.

Me: “Can I upgrade it later, if the minimum contract is not enough?”
Phone person: “Yes.”

Well now you know what’s coming.

My phone bills stayed at around the $100 level. So in December, I rang to change to a higher plan. Which I have to stay on for 12 months, which will be annoying if we go to Europe next year (but worthwhile in the meantime).

I got my first bill today – with a $101.73 charge for switching plans. WTF?

I rang the phone company, with 2 points.

  1. I was told in October that I could upgrade from the $20 plan. No-one mentioned a charge.
  2. I was not told in December that I would be slugged with this extortionate charge.

Their response had me utterly gob-smacked and dumbfounded:

You didn’t change to the same TYPE of plan, so that is why you were charged the fee.

I pointed out, quite gently, that perhaps it was not reasonable to expect a customer to have an intimate knowledge of their internal and arbitrary distinctions between their types of plan.

Then I told the consultant that I was really quite annoyed (OMG understatement) and that I was quite prepared to take this case to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

Couple of minutes later, bingo. Charge reversed, please underpay your bill, sorry for the inconvenience, have a nice day.

Whoo hoo. Problem solved.

But really? 


This is bureaucracy at its best worst most bizarre. I’m sorry, you didn’t fill in the RED form and file it in the GREEN box, you lose.

2009 appears to be Melissa’s Year Of Not Tolerating Organisational Stupidity. At least until I get lazy.


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When banks are too efficient (and then charge you lots of fees anyway, bless them)

Back at the start of December, I made 2 transactions through PayPal. Now, my PayPal account is hooked up to (1) my everyday transactions account, which I keep a very small amount of money in, and (2) my VISA card. Specifically, it’s set up to take cash if sufficient cash is there and, if not, to process a credit card transaction. That seems simple enough.

Checking my online bank statement, I noticed that (1) the transactions had come out of my transactions account and put it into a negative balance, even though I have no overdraft facility on that account, and (2) I had been charged a$30 reference fee.


I just rang my bank.

Turns out that, when I upgraded to the all-dancing, all-singing GOLD account with no ATM or foreign currency transaction fees, I got a special thing that “automatic transactions” are never rejected. Which I didn’t know (silly, me, must read those 60 pages of terms and conditions more closely). And PayPal transactions are considered “automatic transactions”.

So even though PayPal said, if there isn’t any money in your account then we will take it from your VISA card, my bank were kind and generous and allowed the transaction to go through.

And then slugged me for 30 bucks for the privilege.

I rang just now and sorted it out. They are refunding the reference fee, and I will delete access to my savings account from PayPal.

It seems the safest solution.


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Bah Humbug?

I love Christmas.

I mean, I really love Christmas. I love the carols, I love the decorations, I love the smell of mince pies in the oven.

But so far, I am not loving this Christmas. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Sofa Thickens and the Season is Merry (and frustrating)

Plan for today:

1. Bigster’s German School Christmas concert, 9.30-1pm

2. Choose sofa 1-3pm (including travel)

3. Buy gift vouchers (same place)

4. Family friends’ Christmas party, 3pm-

5. Our friends’ Christmas party, some time after 5pm.

What actually happened: Read the rest of this entry »

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Feeling sad

Blech. I’ve now been drawn into the “shilling” discussions at Boardgamenews.

I started a few times to write a detailed rebuttal, but decided that it’s not worth the hassle. I am feeling pretty sad about it all, though.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Railway travel

I was going to blog about penguins and exciting things today but instead I have a rant. Or a self-mock. One or the other.

I went to book a train trip today, for when I arrive in England. I found a great fare (1st class, barely any more than 2nd and much cheaper than most 2nd class fares) and found the right train. Then I discovered that holders of 1st class tickets get to use the OMGLOUNGE (yay). That sold me – I went to book

It would not accept my VISA card. Stupid Verified by VISA always seems to cause problems.

So I tried my OTHER VISA card. Same problems.

Eventually, in much frustration (OMG it was a GREAT price, 20 pounds less than last time I travelled by train to York 15 years ago), I borrowed Fraser’s Mastercard.

The transaction went through, no problems.

Then I got the confirmation email.

Not only can buyers of DISCOUNT first class tickets not use the OMGLounge *sob*, you have to show the credit card that you used to make the booking when you pick up your tickets.

Only, I don’t have an auxiliary card on that account. So I CANNOT show that card when I pick up the tickets IN LONDON.

I went to email them. Entered booking number, address, country, postcode … ERROR MESSAGE. YOU MUST ENTER A VALID POSTCODE.

That’s right. They do validation on UK only postcodes, even for non-UK addresses.

I am wondering how much more can go wrong with this transaction.

Anyway, gave a random postcode and emailed them. Hopefully my passport will be evidence enough.

Silly people.

Verdict: Amusing. Could still become annoying, but for now I am going with LOL.


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Despair for the human race

OK, so I am a spelling prescriptivist.

But when I get a spam fax that reads

Be efficient and sharp this year! – Put a Postage Meter on your desk and avoid the Post Office cues

I just want to cry.

Or, you know, run to mock it on the Internet.


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