16 Feb

Birthdays are good things. We probably should get two each year, although that might cause more stress than it cures. I’m not sure I am able to grow old gracefully.
Mine this year was nice. Not a great birthday but a solidly pleasant one. I had treated myself to a hairdresser visit on Tuesday after stress over my mother’s health (fortunately, she is very positive about it), so I had great hair. It’s shallow, but great hair helps a great deal. As do the many compliments I received on the great hair (umm, 5 or 6, I think).

I’d bought my own birthday gift from the girls – bags from the Melbourne Museum, made from the banners they’d had printed for the Dinosaurs from China exhibition. So fantastic red & black bags with dinosaur bones splayed across the front.  F gave me games – Caylus, which I really enjoy; Tikal, which I have played online but never in person; and Mykerinos, which I have never played but have been very keen to try.

We had my family over in the evening, so I got to cuddle my baby niece, who is now 3 months old (wow that has gone quickly). F and I agree that it is lovely to cuddle other people’s babies but we are kind of glad that we won’t be doing that again (barring unforeseen accidents).

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Posted by on February 16, 2007 in parenting, parents


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