… and frustration …

23 Feb

I just rang the recruiter who rang me on my birthday, to find out what was going on.

Sequence of events:
14-Feb – he calls me, very pushy, very keen, asks me to send some samples of work BY START OF BUSINESS TOMORROW.
So at 10pm on my birthday, I am looking through files, trying to find things that are not too confidential to former clients to email to a stranger. I send off a few docs, with a note that they were what I felt I could supply without breaching confidentiality.
19-Feb – I email, nicely, “any response yet?”

no answer.

Today, I ring, and the receptionist doesn’t put my call through but tells me that the client thinks I don’t have the “depth” for the role.

This surprises me, because I think I had demonstrated that pretty clearly. So either I don’t have a proper understanding of the role, or what I sent through wasn’t the right stuff to send.

I do have far more strategic work, but it’s STRATEGIC for my (former) clients. So I can’t send it as samples because that would break their confidentiality. And I bet that if I got this job, they wouldn’t want me sending THEIR strategy all over the place once it was done.


I am beyond frustrated. I would be willing to SHOW the samples in an interview, but I’m not going to send docs that clients have paid squillions of dollars for to someone else for free. But how else can I demonstrate my “depth”?

I emailed him the following, which I think (hope) hits the right tone.

I was disappointed to hear that the client ___ didn’t
feel that I had  shown the depth necessary for this role.

I’m wondering whether the problem was the sample documents I sent you,
or something that I’ve missed in my CV, as this is certainly the type
of role that I’m looking for. Perhaps you can give me some tips on
what types of sample work I need to be able to show, and I can find
something suitable.

I do have other completed work, but it’s hard to send anything that
isn’t confidential to the clients I have worked for in the past. I’d
be able to show it in a meeting, but I’m not comfortable sharing my
clients’ IP over email. If there was a specific weakness, I could
probably come up with something to demonstrate my understanding of the

Anyway, please do keep me on file for anything else that comes up. As
discussed, I am free after Easter, although I will have a few days
free before then as well.

With best wishes,

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