Not *quite* ideal

06 Mar

My ideal job was advertised today.

Well, not quite my ideal job.  But a reasonable job, in a field I have some good experience and skills in. And it would be beyond convenient – it’s working for my local council.  Problem is, it pays about $20k less than my minimum (I think they are underpaying, given what they are looking for, but it’s also a more operational than strategic job so is unlikely to hit what I really want to earn).

I rang them anyway. It may be that this is an ambit claim and they can pay a bit more, or there may be contracting opportunities down the track. Even if not, at least I tried. Am waiting for a return call.
Given mum’s health at the moment, having a job with access to leave wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. 😦

Meanwhile,  I was up till 2am this morning working on a proposal. It would be up to 100 hours’ work for me, which I would spread over about 5 weeks to allow for the other jobs I’m doing. That would not be a bad thing.

Oddly,  I seem to be ending up with a lot of writing jobs. I am writing a user manual for one company, and then in the subcontracting I am writing a training manual for a government department and updating some manuals I wrote last year for a semi-government organisation. This proposal was for another writing job, a user guide for a government database. It’s easy work, and I don’t mind it, especially when it’s a contract-type job and I can do whole days of work instead of running from one one-hour chunk of work to another. But I hope I can do something a bit meatier and thinkier soon!

I’ve offered to redesign and restructure the school’s website – although I have yet to sit down with the principal to talk options with her. If I can get my teeth into that, I’ll be happy to keep doing the writing jobs for a while.  It will depend on whether she just wants a nice look and feel to some basic marketing content, or a proper website with meaningful information.

I guess that last sentence reveals what I would prefer, huh.

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