Quick update

21 Mar

Saw mum’s oncologist today and … nothing. They won’t even re-run her tests until she has had 3 chemotherapy cycles.

What was delightful, was that it was his birthday and his staff and colleagues had gone all out. There were “happy 50th” signs in the foyer, chocolate frogs on the front desk, and glitter shaped like the number 50 scattered all over his desk and the chairs in his office.

A community group that I have been very involved with has degenerated (briefly, I trust) into a horrible environment of rules lawyering. Unfortunately, some of the rules lawyering touches on things I have been responsible for (and which have been done within the rules) so I am going to have to respond to point that out. And “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” is not really appropriate, although it is tempting. I guess if it was going to go this way, this is not a bad time. I have already said I will scale back my involvement as of next month. Now I am wondering whether I want to be involved at all.

But spending money things made me happy today! I picked up my copy of the perfect punctuation pop-up book. Also a loaf of pumpkin and chive bread from the Natural Tucker Bakery which even smells like pumpkin when it’s cut.

Also, I have a (n unsolicited) phone message from a recruitment agency. And Otto wrote the word “TRAM” on her drawing board. Then she wrote it in mirror writing, because she is left handed. Smart kid 🙂

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Posted by on March 21, 2007 in parenting, parents, shopping, work


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