Another geekdom

29 Mar

Way back, even before I was a boardgame geek, I was a languages geek.

I started learning German when I was 5, visited Germany on my own at 11 (I stayed with the family of my penfriend) and have been back several times since then. In the meantime, I took a year of French, 3 of Latin and 5 of Russian during high school, and I flirted with a couple of terms of Hungarian before I moved to Austria for a year to study. (Main outcome: I have a pronounced Austrian accent when I speak German).

Combine that with itchy, itchy feet (of the I-want-to-travel rather than the I-have-an-annoying-fungal-growth variety) and a stop at the discount bookshop on the way home earlier in the week, and the lure of a “French for travellers” CD was just too much for me.

I had to visit a client in the sticks yesterday – a 45 minute drive there and back – but my journey was enlivened by my new CD and cackles of laughter at the astonishing amount of fun I was having. When I picked my husband up for a lunch date, he didn’t know whether to laugh at me or have me committed.

Next stop? There’s an Italian CD in the same series. Or maybe I will find one that is a language course, rather than a talking phrase book.

Meanwhile, je suis fatiguée. Au revoir!


Posted by on March 29, 2007 in languages, travel


3 responses to “Another geekdom

  1. Linnaeus

    March 30, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    I like the thought of learning new languages, but I just have no facility for foreign grammar. Even once I pick up enough vocabulary to string a sentence or two of my own devising together, I always want to use the words in the same sequence that I would use their English analogues.

    As a result, I probably wouldn’t starve in France (or heavily francophone areas of Quebec), and might even scrape by in Germany if I absolutely had to, but I will never, ever, be genuinely fluent.

  2. melissainau

    March 30, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    Well this CD would be for you then – it does absolutely nothing with grammar, it’s just words to repeat.

    Also, this particular person has the kind of accent where you just need to put on the most totally outrageous fake French accent you can and you sound just like her! It’s the best 🙂

  3. Linnaeus

    March 30, 2007 at 11:15 pm



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