Still going

15 Apr

This is vile.

I literally have no idea.

Last night, we cleaned out the cupboard where the girls keep their books. The smell seems stronger over there, but there was nothing in there (and no stinky books, either). We moved the TV … nothing.

Today, I’ve had the window open and the smell is pretty bad, so we checked outside properly (we went out, where before we just looked out the window). Nothing.

We’re going to move the stereo speakers, check behind the fireplace. This is not bad housekeeping, this is extreme weirdness.

I have gone through all the kids’ toys. I have moved furniture. I’m at a loss.

There are no flies, so it’s not a dead animal. I should be grateful for small mercies, I guess.

But I’m out of ideas. And I’m back at work tomorrow, with job interviews to squeeze in Monday and Tuesday on top of everything else.

I need to call someone, but I can’t call someone to deal with it when I don’t know what I am dealing with. And I can’t invite people into my home when there is a stink.

I think I need to go play Princes of Florence again, to take my mind off it.

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Posted by on April 15, 2007 in house


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