16 Apr

The guy finally came late this afternoon. Fraser had come home to be here to meet him, as I had a meeting.

It’s not in the wall, it’s under the floor.

“But how can that be?” I hear you ask (because it’s what I asked) – “The floor is a concrete slab at that point.”

Some enterprising little creature has squeezed in between the concrete slab and the wooden flooring on top of it and has discovered (or possibly not) that it is not so easy to reverse out of there.

I say “some enterprising little creature” because the guy couldn’t actually get it out, or work out what it was – but he saw where it has gone in. He’s put in some odour-absorbing gel, and assures us that it only has 2-3 days left until it is “naturally dissipated” (ugh). (He also said the gel isn’t guaranteed to work … shudder)
The smell really is mostly gone, although that may be just because it’s been a much cooler day today. There’s this lingering hint that something’s not right, but not a smell as such.

I’m running the scented oil blower anyway – I always said some of my girly stuff would come in handy one day.

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Posted by on April 16, 2007 in house


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