Some of the nice things that have happened lately.

07 Jun

You know how bad things always seem to go together? Well since my mother got the good news about her lymphoma, good things are happening to me all the time.

Here are some of the things that are making me happy now, or have over the past couple of weeks.

  • I went on the radio (twice!), and got really great feedback about it (including from a friend of a colleague, who heard the segment & told my colleague about it, at which point my colleague responded, “Oh that was Melissa!”)
  • A friend, who was home sick, gave up a couple of hours of his time to do a practice interview with me to help me prepare (Jon, in case I didn’t mention it in the middle of the night, you have a lovely voice to go with your lovely nature!)
  • I have made some new friends through boardgaming, as well as through the creche.
  • A parent emailed last night to thank me for a meeting I had run at the creche. And the meeting had very positive outcomes, too.
  • Biggie’s letter to the tooth fairy.
  • Otto’s new bedtime routine is to say, “I love you *soooooooooooooooo* very much mummy”
  • I will see my lovely sister-in-law this weekend.
  • I got up into the roof and found another bag of clothes that I had put aside when Biggie outgrew them, that are just the right size for Otto. I love it when this happens, because it’s like someone has given me a present of all these gorgeous clothes that are *just what I would have chosen*! Including a jumper my mum knitted with Orinoco Womble on it!
  • When I got home from the radio interview, I had a couple of emails and even an IM to say people thought it went well. I am *such* a sucker for positive feedback.
  • I cleaned out the car.
  • We am going to go to Taco Bill’s twice this weekend.
  • Fraser, at 2 in the morning.
  • Although I only rang my hairdresser yesterday, she can fit me in tonight to at least re-do the colour before I go away.
  • We discovered a fantastic new Lebanese restaurant nearby – and the girls even liked (some of) the food.
  • Two of my friends (one local, one in the US) are pregnant.
  • The staff at school have had some great (and very positive) feedback about the games night we ran last week.
  • I wanted to buy some new casual pants and went to the shop today. At first glance, everything was either much too small or much too big – but when I looked harder, I found a pair, in an unusual but nice colour, in my size. And they were half price! And I have shoes that match! (yes I am having a girl moment)
  • Somebody a few houses up from us put a bike outside their house with a sign saying “please take me”. I checked with them – it needs a new chain, but otherwise it is good. So maybe I will learn to ride a bike, now I have one.
  • My roadside assistance provider rang and offered to upgrade my cover for free until my renewal is due in August. (This is especially great because we are about to have a long drive & weekend away).
  • Mineral water with 5% lemon juice, with frozen raspberries instead of ice.

So smoochies and much love to you, my lovely friends. Because the reason good things happen is that I know such wonderful people.

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