12 Jun

The first thing Biggie did when we got to Albury?

She climbed into the cupboard and made a nest in there.

Later, we did stuff and went out to dinner. I went on to a booze and schmooze with gaming industry people – promoting our new organisation GamesAustralia – and Fraser, his sister and the girls went back to the motel.

Auntie’s room was next to ours, so she said goodnight and went off to bed while Fraser got the girls settled.

And then came trouble.

“I want to sleep in the wardrobe.”

“No, you can sleep in the bed.”

Hysteria ensued.

I got back to the hotel around 11 and got ready for a game, then thought I should wander over and check on Fraser and the girls. Poor F was nearly at the end of his tether – Biggie was sobbing and screaming hysterically in the bathroom because, “You don’t know what it is to have your HEART broken. I have lost the ONLY place where I felt AT HOME, the only place where I BELONGED.”

Otto was lying in bed saying, “I was going to sleep but then Biggie woke me up and now I can’t get to sleep” which was cute and all, and kind of exciting that she was actually in bed, but counter-productive to calming the Bigster down because each time she said it there was renewed screaming. I suspect she was enjoying that.

I sent F off to play games instead of getting stressed by the tanty. Then Auntie wandered in because she had heard the screaming (it had woken her up!) & she was worried about Biggie – and more worried about Fraser, who had been having to deal with it. Biggie still wouldn’t shut up, so I told her to get dressed and go outside for a couple of minutes. Getting away from the problem is a good way to calm her down, but it was VERY cold outside so I didn’t leave her for long. Also, she was sobbing and I didn’t want anyone deciding I was abusing my children! Who knows what she would have said, in that state.

When I went out, she was lying on the grass sobbing. So we had a talk about what we each wanted and why sleeping in the cupboard was not an option, which finished with “Fine then, I will sleep in the shower.”

So I of course, being wise and mature and understanding, said, “Fine then, sleep in the shower, just come inside and stop crying” – and we went inside, and she took her pillow and blankets and settled in the shower. I went to bed, turned out the lights and was asleep before Otto, I think.

Biggie woke at 5.30 and came in to the bedroom to check the time. I suggested that she move to her bed so that I would be able to have my shower in an hour or so, but she wouldn’t even consider it. And at 6.30, when I kicked her out, she made up a bed on the floor beside her bed rather than get into it.

Full marks for bloody-mindedness.

Fortunately, she did settle into bed the next two nights.

The joys of over-excitement. And I can’t wait till she’s a teenager.


Meanwhile, Fraser got to play Imperial. And I got brownie points to stay up late another night. It was all good.

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