School, and games.

14 Jun

The teachers at Biggie’s school (well, the teachers of her class) have asked me to put on a games day for the children. Apparently their “good behaviour” jar is full and so there is a reward due to them.

What games I take will depend on how many helpers I line up. There is a small group of children that I would love to play Settlers with, but most of them are probably not up to it. (Also, I only have one copy). Also on the teachers’ goals for the session.

Whatever, I think that Incan Gold will be a shoe-in. And Apples to Apples Junior – that fits in well in the classroom.

I have very mixed feelings about dexterity games. They’re a lot of fun, and they’re good for some of the children, but the kids’ behaviour does tend to deteriorate a bit as they play them.

Some of the Playroom games are probably a good choice. Sherlock, M is for Mouse, Number Chase. Maybe even Catch the Match.

Another idea brewing is that we should have  an ‘australian’ BSW games night. A few people mentioned over the weekend that they BSW, or that they would like to BSW, or that they have BSW’d in the past. It would be fun to catch up, even in a virtual world. I’ll offer my house in LupusLanding as a meeting point 🙂

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Posted by on June 14, 2007 in games, school


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