And the rules are …?

05 Jul

The girls are playing a game on the floor at the moment. It involves wishing stones, a big red meeple and some truck-shaped pawns.

It was called “Simban” but is now called “Meddi” – according to Otto, whose superpower is to know the names of things.

The game was developed last night, while I was being Late! for Australian BSW night (due to our game pusher having rung at 5 to tell us he had a copy of Notre Dame for us and did we want him to deliver it? and btw, do you want zooloretto as well?) (The answer, of course, was yes(loretto), and can we offer you dinner and a game(loretto)?). It originally involved my purple confidante but the Mystery Red Meeple was substituted instead so I could play on.

I don’t know how good a game Meddi is, but Fraser and Pete both enjoyed Notre Dame a lot. Which is excellent, because it leads to more table time.

(incidentally, Meddi has now become Drembun)

Surprising for me was how different the game felt to playing on BSW. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a quick online play, but I’ve never felt the threat of looming rats the way I did when we played it last night. I hadn’t thought of ND as a particularly thematic game, but last night it had a touch of the Shadows over Camelot to it.

I look forward to its next table time.

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Posted by on July 5, 2007 in children, games


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