School holidays recap

13 Jul

We’re in the part of the School Holidays that I have reserved as Real Time Off.

Really, that was a week, but it took Monday and Tuesday for me to get caught up on work.

Monday, we ran some errands in the morning. These included a trip to the local video/DVD library. Biggie borrowed 5 old videos of Dr Who stories, a DVD with the 9th Dr, and the movie Nanny McPhee. We have them till Monday.

That took care of Monday and Tuesday. It also gave her a good rest. And let her not brush her hair, which is always a problem. There went upwards of an hour on Tuesday night, detangling the mess. In the end, I ran conditioner through her hair & combed it out as much as I could, then put more in & told her to get back in the shower. Success. I’m trying to teach her to brush her own hair mornings and night, to stop the problems (and ended up threatening to get it all cut off next school holidays if she doesn’t start taking care of it). For a child who cares so much about her looks, and her clothes, she seems to miss the point that messy/scruffy hair does NOT look nice however carefully you have chosen what to wear.

Wednesday was Movie Day. Nandos chicken for lunch (her choice) followed by the Nancy Drew Movie.

I don’t remember where I heard a review of Nancy Drew, but it was spot on: plotholes you can can drive a truck through, but it’s all done with such charm that it’s really very enjoyable. And it was completely suitable for children.

I’m finding that I’m getting more & more prudish about what I let the kids watch, after seeing them watching a couple of very risque Simpsons episodes lately and having to deal with questions afterwards. Yes, sex is normal and healthy for adults, but it’s not for children and I don’t think that very young children need to know details or be subjected to jokes about wanking. (Apparently this is a criticism of the Transformers movie). On the other hand, I don’t mind them being exposed to Things We Don’t Do (swearing, church-going).

After Nancy Drew, we went swimsuit-shopping (she just keeps growing) and I bought her the first Nancy Drew book.

Biggie: Please can we get number 2 and number 3 as well?
Me: Sweetie, there’s number *173*. You want to read more? We go to the library.

Wednesday night, we broke out Zooloretto & taught it to both girls. The idea was that Otto and I would play together, but that quickly became ‘Melissa manages the bits while the other three play’. The game was greatly improved by borrowing a cloth bag from another game. At some point, I may have to prove my wifely credentials by sewing game tile bags 😉

Both girls enjoyed it very much. Otto was a little confused about the trucks – she wanted one to be all hers, right from the start. Biggie made us both proud – half way through the rules, she butted in with, “And if I fill all these pens, I get this much money?”

Final results: Fraser by a nose, then Otto, then Biggie.

Since that play, we have discovered that there are some fairly major problems with the (english?) rules. We’d played that you couldn’t buy or discard vending stalls, but apparently that’s not right. Cue discussion about whether it is appropriate in this instance to write on game rules (me: urrrrgh, Fraser: probably).

Thursday, the plan was to  take a train to a Mystery Destination, known only to Mummy. But due to a late start, we ditched the train and drove instead – to old favourite Sovereign Hill. I actually caved & revealed that that was where we were going, but what I didn’t tell her was that they had their Winter Wonderland school holiday program – with snow trucked in from Mount Buller (nearly 200 km away).

We got there just in time for a “snowfall” in Main Street – Biggie was enchanted. Then we headed over to the “real snow” area (lol – there wasn’t much) and had a “snowball fight” which mostly consisted of me being a target. I got her a couple of beauties though! There was a snow slide, but the queue was over an hour long – for 2 to 5 seconds of snow slide? I don’t think so!

Highlights of the day:

  • Snowfalls
    Biggie in the snow
  • The Pantomime (Little Red Robin Hood)
    Biggie and the Pantomime cast
  • At the start of the day’s third snowfall, Biggie turned to me and said, “Quick! Come with me!” and left Main Street. I followed, wondering what was going on. Clever girl, she’d realised that the snow slide would be pretty much deserted – and proceeded to spend the next half hour to an hour there, enjoying upwards of 10 turns.
    Biggie on the snow slide
  • Rain on the pond – while I was watching Biggie on the slide, it started pouring with rain. Just gorgeous!
    Rain on the pond
  • Karmic Justice.
    There was a snowman on display early in the day, in a roped-off area. We took a photo with Biggie outside the rope. As we were leaving, we saw that the rope had been dropped – and three kids were in the area, savagely assaulting the snowman – pulling off its nose, trying to steal its hat, etc. Parents doing nothing about it. Biggie waited patiently for her turn for a photo, and eventually they moved off. Well, two of them moved off – the third little shit boy took a savage kick at the snowman, trying to knock it over. He didn’t succeed, but he took a chunk out of it (you can see it missing at the bottom right of the photo). Then he started to run after his family – and tripped on the (lowered) rope, landing heavily on the ground and starting to cry.
    Me: *giggle*
    Biggie: Why are you laughing?
    Me: Karmic justice.
    Biggie and the (injured) snowman

Yes, I am a bad example to my daughter. Also cruel & unnatural.

Long drive home then local Malaysian restaurant for dinner, with both kids (for the first time ever) behaving beautifully.  Biggie entertained me & Fraser by telling us all about how to play Princes of Florence – we’d listened to the Metagamers podcast with Jim & Gerald on the way up (it took us practically door-to-door) and she absorbed a surprising amount!

Today? Pyjama day! Otto is busy with Fifi & the Flowertots;  Biggie is reading Over Sea Under Stone (I have caved on allowing her to read this series as the preview of the Dark is Rising movie looks so good – and I may need leverage as I’m not sure we’ll let her see the Golden Compass yet); I am in bed with the laptop.

Life is good.

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