15 Jul

We went to the Pixar exhibition at ACMI today. It was pretty fun – and the kids liked it too. Otto seems to have a new fascination with Sully from Monsters Inc. Perhaps Jack-jack from the Incredibles has been replaced at last.

Biggie’s unwell so won’t be back to school tomorrow. This is a stress because I don’t have a lot of meetings this week, and was going to actually schedule some time for myself. I guess there’s always next year 🙂

Outlook for this week: Out 3 nights in a row. That’s boozy mums creche fundraising committee, gym, DATE WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!! Then friends round for games on Friday, and new Harry Potter book on Saturday morning. Busy, but it’s the good kind of busy, as long as work behaves.

I retrieved some self-confidence today by holding a friend’s baby and NOT making him cry. Every time I see my baby niece, she starts bawling. It’s a known problem now – I see the creche staff looking anxious when I go into the babies’ room. OMG, it’s The Bad Lady. Brother Dave reminded me today that Biggie did that with him for a long time, and it’s only a few months ago that Otto started sobbing when he kissed her goodbye.

Our theory? She sees me and thinks, “Daddy got fat, got older, and turned into a woman! And he has hair! Gaaaaaah”

Of these four things, Dave and I agree that the hair one is the least likely to actually happen.

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Posted by on July 15, 2007 in children


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