27 Jul

Meeting today with the council care co-ordinator, who had recommended my parents for additional care.

Some good news:

  • they are increasing the personal care in the mornings from 45 minutes to an hour. I suspect this may be because dad is having extra-long showers because it’s winter, but it means that they will be able to do extra housework while they are there.
  • Adding the half hour a fortnight (= every 2 weeks) to do extra cleaning. I thought this was agreed at the last meeting.
  • Arranging for my mother to be referred as well as dad – at the moment, it’s all in his name.
  • Adding two hours a fortnight for laundry – mum and dad don’t have a tumble dryer, so they are currently going to the laundrette to do their towel and sheet washing. The part of me that is eeevil giggles at the idea of my barely-mobile father helping my barely-mobile mother with a full basket of wet towels.

The bizarre:

  • After the last meeting, the social worker came out to do a review of dad’s condition & refer him for an Aged Care Assistance Package – which would supply money for mum and dad to pay for additional care. I wasn’t at that meeting, and mum and dad reported it to me as “she came to check what dad could or couldn’t do” – but apparently a letter came back to council saying that my parents had REFUSED an ACAP. Gaaaaaaaaaaah. Either someone is making this stuff up, or there was a big misunderstanding when the social worker asked, “do you want me to arrange some money for you to pay for these essential services?” and my parents thought she asked, “do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?”
    Council care person is going to refer this back to the social worker and get her to call me, as well as getting me to refer mum for assessment as well.

Meanwhile, my parents STILL have not been paid for the business they sold in December. And my brother goes overseas next Friday & is relying on his share (he was a junior partner) to fund much of the holiday. No indication of when they will be paid.

Ah, families. Always amusing … when they don’t make you want to gouge out your own eyes…

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Posted by on July 27, 2007 in health, parents


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