27 Aug

They’re keeping him in overnight (although they have no bed, so he’ll have to stay in the ER for now). They did an ECG, CAT scan, blood tests etc., and think that it may have been the prelude to a larger/major stroke. (yikes – that document basically says, “If you are Melissa’s dad ie you have all these 4 symptoms then it is likely that the TIA will lead to a full stroke”). They’ve referred him to a neurologist, too – mum heard the ER doctor on the phone, saying, “I think you really need to see this patient”.

So good that he went in, bad that he didn’t go in before, amazing that neither of my parents thought that a 3 hour ‘trance-like state’ was sufficient reason to go to the ER then & there. Apparently he thought he was talking on Saturday night and was moving his lips but no sound was coming out. 😦

What a horrible way to spend a 76th birthday – but if it gives him a better chance of having a 77th then it’s not quite as horrible as it seemed.

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Posted by on August 27, 2007 in health, parents


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