Botching timetables

01 Sep

Did you ever have one of those days where *everything* is scheduled for just the wrong time?

I did, yesterday.

Friday is the day that Otto and I get to sleep in – F takes Biggie to school’s “before care” program and we don’t get out of bed until 9 or later. Bliss!

Yesterday, it was more like 9:30. And I had a couple of phone calls come in straight after that, that took *ages* – then had to quickly get dressed to pick Biggie up from school and get her to an 11am doctor’s appointment. In the end, I didn’t even have time to shower (ewww) as I had to get Otto dressed & breakfasted as well.

Arriving for the 11am doctor’s appointment, we waited. And waited. And waited. We were finally called to see the Dr at 11:52, which I think was a bit cheeky. We were out of the appointment by 11:57.

Back to school, via the 7-11 (Biggie had to take cornflour for an experiment they were planning to do), then Otto and I went to the newsagency to collect her Fifi and the Flowertots magazine and a Dora the Explorer magazine. There’s a cafe next door, so we stopped for a hot chocolate (they are famous for their very rich “Italian hot chocolate” – I found it a bit of a disappointment & won’t get one again). Home at 1 for some lunch.

At 1.45, we left to go to pick F up from work. Winx club songs all the way. Back to drop F and Otto for Fathers’ Day afternoon tea at creche at 2.30 – I went home to pick up some games for the school teachers, print out some material for them, and hang out some washing. Then school by 3.30, home and housework.

All day, I had to get somewhere “soon” but not immediately. And all day, I had blocks of half an hour or so between the next thing I had to do – so no time to get settled. I don’t like days like that – I’d rather race around for a few hours and then have a break. I like my chance to sit down for some quiet moments with my PC.

What I did manage, though, was a fabulous dinner. Roast “mediterranean lamb” fillet (garlic, rosemary, oregano) with yummy greek salad (with semi-dried tomatoes as well as regular grape tomatoes – double yum). And a nice shiraz for me & Fraser. Even my picky eaters loved it – at one point, Otto reached over and grabbed the HUGE piece of lamb (as opposed to one of the many smaller pieces) and ate it all up.

Then, games night – complicated by Otto’s putting herself to bed (in our bed) – when questioned, she said she didn’t feel well. She was burning up, although we didn’t have a thermometer to check. Popped down the corridor to check on her every half hour or so during games night but she seemed to be sleeping okay. Eventually we gave her some paracetamol in orange juice (still have to hide it or she won’t have it) and that seemed to bring the fever down. Today, she is warm but not really hot – although she’s warming up already – and our doctors are fully booked 😦

Meanwhile, I had an email from my brother, who is having a wonderful time on Santorini. With an anecdote about going out drinking in Russia. I replied with, “I am going to mum and dad’s to get them to sign new care forms for the council, and to hook up their DVD player.” — somehow, it doesn’t compare.  Brother & family are having a wonderful time, which is great – especially as I know he was disappointed not to get down South to the archaeological sites he’d hoped to see. I’m looking forward to living vicariously through their photos when they get back.

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