Airports and late nights

14 Sep

First, an update: Peter the Possum Man got the bird out alive, and put some mesh at the top of the chimney. That should stop anything else getting in there.

My brother and his family got back from  5 weeks in Europe on Wednesday night – or, rather, on Thursday morning. Their plane was due in at 12:30am and arrived pretty much dead on time, although they didn’t clear customs until around 1:40 or a little after. It was great to see them again – my baby niece has grown so big!

Waiting at airports is kind of a guilty pleasure. For those arriving, there’s nothing like the experience of being *met* – especially when you’re coming home. And there’s nothing like waiting on the other side, making little bets with yourself about how long it will be before your loved ones come through those doors, wondering which door they will come through (at that time, only one was working so there wasn’t much of a bet to be made). Wondering whether baby niece will still cry at the sight of you (she didn’t, yay, and even let me hold her). Watching all the family reunions, tut-tutting at the little kids running around with TOY GUNS OMG, checking out the luggage (I never said I wasn’t shallow). I took a book but I put it away at 12:45 when the first person came off the flight and didn’t get it out again.

They had a great trip. We’re looking forward to catching up with them over the weekend – although the girls can’t stop asking, “When will we see our baby cousin?”

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Posted by on September 14, 2007 in family, house


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