02 Oct

Lunch with my parents is always enlightening.

Today, the conversation turned to my drinking habits. Specifically, how quickly I drink – I tend to finish a drink in no seconds flat. Whether alcoholic or not, I’m always the first to finish.

My mother: “It’s lucky you never really took to alcohol, you would have been an alcoholic!”
Me: ???
Mother: “You never really drank very much at all.”
Me: ???
Mother: “Except for one time, and I was saying, “Oh she’s had too much to drink” and your dad was saying, “Leave her alone””
Me: ???
Mother: “And of course that was the time your drink was spiked.”

I decided to leave her in blissful ignorance – especially as Biggie was at the table with us.

I don’t drink much these days (I stopped when we decided to have babies and somehow lost the capacity) but, umm, I did. Quite heavily. In what I understand is typical for young women, I binge drank once a week. To excess.  For several years. Apparently, without my mother ever noticing a thing.

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in health, parents


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