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12 Oct

In general, I am not a fan of reality TV. I’ve never watched Big Brother or any of the Survivor variants, and apart from a brief flirtation with Who wants to marry my dad? (because of the name) and an ongoing obsession with The Amazing Race, reality TV just doesn’t get watched at our place.

Until Border Security. Biggie’s latest obsession, this is fly-on-the-wall reality TV at customs and quarantine – at ports, mail centres and even patrolling Australian waters. See customs officers intercept suspected drug smugglers! (What are drugs, mummy?) Watch as people’s luggage is swabbed! (what is heroin, mummy?) Discover new and ingenious ways to smuggle items in the post … and then watch the quarantine people find them! It’s harmless enough, and can be quite interesting.

Yesterday, we went to the post office to collect a parcel – a copy of Bausack that I’d bought on German eBay.  Biggie was amazed that it was so badly packaged – until I pointed out the big yellow sticker that said it had been opened by customs. Then she was all interest – especially when she discovered the blue sticker that said, “Open immediately. Contains important information from Australian Quarantine.”

Apparently Bausack contains a small bag with seeds inside – actually, now I think about it, those would be the scoring markers. They were intercepted by Quarantine, with a note that they will be destroyed after 30 days unless I return a form and payment of $42.50 to return them to the seller.  Um, go ahead and destroy them 🙂  I don’t think I paid $42 for the game!

Biggie’s excitement was palpable.

Me: “So you see, that’s Border Security in action.”

Later, I realised why the excitement.

She’s expecting to see our game on the next series.

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