Messages to my husband … continued

19 Oct

Fraser gmail: Essen@home




Sent at 10:46 AM on Friday




Melissa: Gaah. I could be on a 3.30 flight today and be in Essen for Saturday and Sunday.

Sent at 10:53 AM on Friday




Melissa: $4000 plus games

wouldn’t that be FUN!

you are ignoring me 😦

home by Wednesyda




Fraser: I am working, although not enough to fulfil your Essen fantasies




Melissa: you would hardly miss me




Fraser: So your commitment to Creche Trivia set up is not quite as strong as you made out 😉




Melissa: Oh, I said from the outset, if I win the lottery I will be in Germany

you could do it for me. And I would try to find Traumfabrik for you.

See, I am really really nice

if we had a passport for Biggie I would be serious about this




Fraser: Yeah right

Meeting now




Melissa: bye

see you Wednesya when I get back 😉

Sent at 11:03 AM on Friday




Fraser: Do we want the Power Grid deck? Did Ann leave her memory behind at home? It was top of my list and should be top of her list too 🙂




Melissa: I said yes * g *

I don’t think it was on the original list we gave her

anyway, we are getting it

I could fly over and make sure




Fraser: I have a picture of the cards in my bag




Melissa: lol




Fraser: Mainly so I can make sense of the abysmal English rules




Melissa: there are still rooms at their hotel




Fraser: You obviously haven’t received a call from [the lottery people] yet 😉




Melissa: um, no




Fraser: Otherwise I imagine you would already be in a taxi trying to beat the police to the airport before they charge you with child abandonment 🙂




Melissa: she can come too

she has a passport

or I would drop her at crechef irst




Fraser: Biggie would just love that




Melissa: we could not tell her

we could pretend Otto fell over and her leg fell off

so she is in hospital for tests for leprosy

which is highly contagious so Mummy is there but is not allowed visitors

and they give you FREE GAMES when you have leprosy




Fraser: [raises eyebrow]




Melissa: you don’t think it would work?

I can be very convincing

o god we have to get Biggie a passport


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2 responses to “Messages to my husband … continued

  1. Linnaeus

    October 22, 2007 at 5:01 am


    You = silly 😛


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