New (to me) – 4 in 4 days

19 Oct

My challenge to myself, to try to take my mind off the Essen Spiel games fair and the ten typing fingers of REFRESH – REFRESH – REFRESH – is to play 4 new games in 4 days.

This is not difficult, as (a) we have lots of games that are still unplayed and (b) I don’t go to a regular games club night.

Today’s new game was On the Underground, which I liked a lot. This was part of Fraser’s haul from our FLGS’s 20% off day.

I played pink (of course) and Fraser played the ugly unimportant colours. I led right through the game, from 15 points onward, but Fraser pipped me on the last round to win by 1 point, 78-77. One mistake I made, I think, was in assuming that the terminuses and the stations with a National Rail connection would also have a card – Fraser didn’t have as many of these as I did, but he had two really long routes that were all white and gold. I will look forward to playing it again.

I let Fraser choose tomorrow’s game, and then it is my turn.  The schedule, at least at this stage, is:

Day 2 – Crayon Rails – either Australian or Lunar Rails or Iron Dragon. I have never played a Crayon Rails game.

Day 3 – Thebes – I picked this up yesterday and am itching to play. I suspect that the Bigster would enjoy it too – and I am sure that my brother (who studied ancient history and recently visited Greece) would love it.

Day 4 – Roads and Boats. Why not go for a big one? 🙂  I am happy to start with a solo scenario – we are out for much of Saturday and then again on Sunday, and Fraser (hiss) has to work both days.

Something tells me that 2 in 2, and maybe 3 in 3, is do-able – but  that 4 in 4 may be a little optimistic.

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