New (to me) during Essen – Day 2

20 Oct

Having spent 5 hours at creche getting ready for tomorrow night’s trivia extravaganza, and most of the afternoon chasing up promised donations, I wasn’t home till around 9. Factor in bedtime, and we weren’t ready to play until 10 – which ruled out crayon rails for us as just too darn long.

Fast forward our timetable by a day, and we took ourselves “Jenseits von Theben” to try Thebes, which I bought on Thursday.

We both really liked this. It was fun, it was reasonably fast (Fraser is a slower player than I am but also generally a more successful one – the two may be linked, especially as I can get annoyed when people play slowly), the theme worked. I was worried about the random pot shards being returned to the bag, but that wasn’t the horror I had expected.

This game is a candidate for Worst Rules Ever. Badly formed sentences abound in the English translation, to the point that we had trouble understanding them at times. Added to this, key rules are omitted from the text – like that you pay time to do research, and that you can’t cross beyond week 1 of 1904. We had both sets of rules on the boil, just to make sure.

We’ll definitely  play this one again, and may even break it out next time there are 4 for game night. I have a suspicion that the Bigster would enjoy it, but that the random element of the rubble pieces might be a bit much for her when it counts.

Final scores:

  • Melissa 82 (23 Exhibitions, 1 Congress, 48 Artifacts, 10 Most Specialist Knowledge)
  • Fraser 108 (5 Exhibitions, 21 Congresses, 67 Artifacts, 15 Most Specialist Knowledge).

Next time, I expect that we will interfere with each other’s plans more, and continue to experiment with when to start digging.

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Posted by on October 20, 2007 in games


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