Phone botherers

29 Oct

I really don’t mind being called by the phone company “to check that you are on the right plan.” It is a good service that they provide.

I just wish that

  1. They would check your plan first, before ringing.
  2. The calls took less than twenty five minutes.
  3. The staff knew a little more about what they were talking about (see 1., above)

Just had one of those looooong calls from our home phone provider this morning.

First the guy tried to tell me that we NEEDED to be on Homeline Ultimate which is $89.95 a month but includes capped long distance and local calls.

Me: Um, I don’t think so
Him: But you make all these savings
Me: And how much was our total bill?
Him: $210 …
Me: So you want us to pay $90 a month instead of $70 a month? I don’t think so …
Him: Oh, I didn’t realise that you are on a 3 monthly billing cycle …


Anyway. He then tried to sell me a $40 plan and I pointed out that we would save about $7 a month by spending an extra $10.

Me: Um, no.
Him: You are better at maths than me.
Me: !!!!

He then tried to get me to consolidate mobile and home phone for 50 free local calls a month (worth a whole $5 or so). Not a big saving but potentially worth doing – except that we are on a really good mobile plan through Fraser’s work and I think they might have forgotten that people are still on it (it doesn’t seem to be available any more). I don’t want anyone looking at or touching that account.

Surely they should be able to run a query through their customer database – or a part of it  – that would identify the customers that really are on the wrong plan. That seems a no-brainer to me – so I can only assume that these calls really are made with the intent of bothering customers.

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