New (to me) – Part 3 of (at least) 4

31 Oct

Well we didn’t manage 4 in 4 days, but we finally broke out the copy of Australian Rails that has been on the shelf, unplayed, for much too long.

There is some question about whether a game is really a “new” game if, like Fraser, you played it once last century. I am of course a stickler for the rules (when it suits me) so I say it was new to me but not to him.

It felt like Fraser got better draws than I did (he commented on this first!), although I had quite a nice start. Citrus from Hobart to Melbourne (I picked up some tin in Launceston, which I eventually dumped – I couldn’t pick up a tin ticket), then another cargo over to Adelaide. I mucked around in the south east corner of the map, which Fraser stretched up to the north, then we both went west – him to Darwin, me to central WA and eventually to Perth. We each managed to get some double cargoes going to a single destination, although Fraser upgraded his train faster than I did and seemed to have higher cashflow early on.

I made a slight strategic error in the last round, building 12 or 18 million dollars worth of track. In a two player game, a loss is a loss whatever form it takes, but in a multiplayer game that could have been the difference between a 2nd or 3rd and 4th. Things to remember.

Final scores: Melissa 204, Fraser 279.

I did enjoy the game – would like to play it again soon, in fact – but I don’t see it going on my top x listing. That may change though – I’m hoping to get it back on the table tonight, after a meeting at creche.

Unless, of course, the Post Office holds some joy for me.

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