Job interview

04 Nov

So, a few people have asked me how the job interview went last week.

First off, I’d say it seemed to go very well. The two guys who interviewed me were nice, I was pretty comfortable answering their questions, we seemed to have similar ideas about many things. There are aspects of what they asked about that I am not familiar with – the company I have been working through doesn’t do development – but it’s really all about relationship management and that’s probably one of my strengths.

The interview ran for a lot longer than the 25-30 minutes I’d expected – it was 1h 25 before I got back to the foyer. That’s usually a good sign, too.

BUT – and there is always a but, isn’t there.

We got to about the one-hour mark, maybe a bit more. Closing stages, anyway.

Interviewer: So how do you keep up with what is new in the industry?

Me: Well, I read about it, experiment with it … I’m a bit of a nerd …

Them: *snicker*

Me: I blog …

Them: We know.

Me: Ooooo …

Them: We found your blog. We know what you wrote about this interview.

Me: *embarassed* Wow. I thought I’d made it pretty hard to trace.

Them: We found you through Linked In. You’re not on Facebook …

Me: I am, but the account is locked down tight. And I took myself off that Naymez thing …

I had forgotten that I linked to this blog on Linked In. (I don’t anymore). I thought it was a 3- or 4-step process to find this blog through another site. Pretty funny.

Anyway. It-could-only-happen-to-me-embarassing-moment.

Or was it?

When I wrote that post, I was aware that it could be traced. And any prospective employer worth their salt will google prospective staff. I even thought, “It would be pretty funny if they read this.”

I have had a policy of not saying anything on this blog that I would mind the person reading – well, except the posts about my mother. And that’s normal. While I wouldn’t go saying to clients, “Here’s my blog, take a squiz, tell me what you think,” it wouldn’t be the end of the world if one of them decided to track me down.

Also, as I have said twice now, it was pretty funny. Which is always good.

So the job itself? Will I be moving back into the world of employment?

Not sure what the etiquette is for blogging about job offers that haven’t yet been or may not be made, where the prospective employers may come back to see what I have said. I guess the rule above will sustain me, though. And this is meant to be a window on my life, after all.

So … I doubt that there will be a job offer from these people. They were still nutting out exactly what they wanted from the role – how much client/relationship/project management, how much information design work, etc – which may depend on the people they interview. I gather I am asking rather more than they wanted to pay (Have already been asked by the recruiter guy whether that amount is negotiable and it just can’t be).

They did, however, ask if I was interested in more part-time (2 or 3 days a week instead of 4) or contract work, to which the answer is definitely yes. The constraint on that is, of course, the company I am consulting through now. I won’t leave them for something just as nebulous – and I can’t take on other work while still working for them if there’s a potential conflict of interest.

If those things can be worked out, I think I would enjoy working with the firm.

Certainly not a waste of time going for the interview. If it comes to nothing, I won’t be crying, but if something comes of it that would be good.

Meanwhile, a quick summary of the rest of my life.


On the way home, I picked up 400 card condoms to paste up Agricola when it arrives (let me pimp my take on Waiting for Godot) and also a copy of Carcassonne. One of the girls in Biggie’s Guides unit has just passed on a fantastic 21-speed bike which I offered to buy but they insisted on giving us. A good boardgame seems a nice gift to say “Thankyou”.

Speaking of Carcassonne, it is having a bit of a resurgence for me at the moment. A good quick game of Carc is just what I am in the mood for (unless a good quick game of Caylus is in the offing – thanks Greig for feeding that need twice this week). I still want to try Australian Rails again, too – but need to be a bit more vertical for that one.


On the work front, a former client has come back wanting me to do some process documentation, governance and training manuals for her – so I am back to crazy busy again, after a bit of a hiatus. I’m starting to think that September might be the dead month of the consulting calendar – which will be good to remember.

Family and Health

Family all well, it’s me that is sick this time. How frustrating that whenever I ring my doctor they are booked out – Thursday, Friday, Saturday (they don’t take pre-bookings and I rang at 9:30!) – last time I rang, they were already booked out for Monday as well. This makes 3 really yucky cold/flu/virus/whatevers that I have had this year, which is just unacceptable. Luckily we have a 4-day weekend and Fraser is home Monday so I can just stay in bed and get better.

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