Animals, scares, mail delivery (no not that one) and Jack the Ripper

12 Nov

One of my goals is to learn to take good photos. My new camera was a start, but clearly I need to put some work into it.

That said, I was pretty happy with my photos from the zoo last Friday.

From 2007-11-09

The girls and I spent some time at the park on Sunday afternoon – gorgeous lazy day, with blue sky and not too many people around – they had a great time on the swings.

Afterwards, we (Fraser, Biggie and I) played Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper for the first time – which we all enjoyed very much. I think this might be a really good handbag game – to carry and play if we’re in a cafe waiting for food, or travelling. There was a nice variety of cards played, and victory conditions did seem to vary. I wonder how different the other Mystery Rummy games are though – whether the differences are just in theming or whether there is any variation in game play. I assume there must be, as I have heard discussions of one game being “better” than the others.

A bit of drama today – took Otto to the doctor’s with a minor health problem which turns out to nearly have been very serious indeed. She is on heavy-dose antibiotics 4x daily for the next 5 days (a nightmare – neither of our girls has ever been willing to take medicine) and is on a watching brief to be whisked off to the children’s hospital emergency room if things get worse or if she doesn’t respond to the antibiotics in the next 24 hours. That would involve anaesthaesia and all sorts of scary stuff. It was a timely reminder that you can’t be too careful with your children’s health, and you can never be too paranoid either.  Also worrying and scary and not at all nice. I need to go give her a hug.

The really exciting thing, on a positive note, was that she spoke to the doctor – especially exciting given that he is a man. She also referred to our cleaner by name today. It really is amazing how much she has progressed with speaking outside the home in the last 3 months – I am very glad I consulted a psychologist about the best ways to help her overcome her fears. (Of course, later on we had the usual shopping problem where she wandered away from me and then couldn’t call out to let me know where she was, as I became more and more panicked – something to work on, maybe.)

Mail delivery (or lack of it) is becoming a theme. I have never had problems with Australia Post – I even consider them a pretty good postal service – but if it isn’t one thing it is another. Today we received a postcard from my brother, sent from Greece. They returned from that holiday in early September. The card has been a full 2 months or longer in the post.

If I didn’t know better, I would think someone was sabotaging international mail services just to make me fret.

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