Power and the Postal Service

15 Nov

Can there be much in life that is more frustrating than waiting for a mail delivery?

It’s completely out of our control when that parcel arrives, but it doesn’t stop us from ‘knowing’ it will arrive soon.

In the current case, the parcel was posted from Germany on October 25th. DHL Germany advise that the expected transit time is 11 days. We are now more than a week over that – if it still hasn’t arrived by Monday, we are to file a lost parcel report.

That’s frustrating, but at least I feel there’s something happening.

Meanwhile, we continue to visit the post office every day. I play games on the way there no, convinced that they will ‘help’ it to show up:

  • I ask Otto whether the parcel will be there
  • I play unplayed games, trying to reduce the number, in case Fate thinks I have enough already
  • I close my eyes when I open the post box
  • I hold my breath when I open the post box
  • I let Otto open the post box
  • I stick my head through the door and  ask the guy in the post office whether it has arrived
  • I peer through the post office box into the post office itself, hoping to see a DHL label somewhere.
  • I finish a piece of work, telling myself that if I am responsible then it will be there.
  • I think of a special day and tell myself it will come on that day.
  • I tell myself it won’t arrive until I have finished the paste-ups.

Meanwhile, obviously, it has not arrived yet.

Every trip to the post office is a disappointment.

But if I go to bed now, maybe it will arrive tomorrow.


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Posted by on November 15, 2007 in games


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