After 7 hours, nothing. Which is good. Really.

23 Nov

Monday, we took Otto back to our GP for a followup. She screamed and panicked and wouldn’t let poor Dr Emily near her. We did manage to establish that she didn’t have a fever.

Wednesday, we went back for our followup. Small concern over a little redness, but the decision was to let her run another 2 days and then check back.

Today (Friday), we went back again. Redness still there, swelling still evident – off to the children’s hospital with you!

Now that doesn’t sound so bad. What isn’t there is that I got a call at 11.15 to say that Dr Emily was sick today, could we come and see Dr Jane instead please and could we be there by noon? kthxbi.

We made it. Just.

Dr Jane had a look and was a bit concerned, so we were back off to the children’s hospital.

Got there and was told that Otto was to have nothing to eat or drink, because she might have to have the anaesthetic. Serious and significant distress ensued – she’d been wanting to have a sausage roll for her lunch since before we went to the doctor. We were warned that there would be a wait of “a couple of hours”.

Fraser arrived (I asked him to come in – apart from anything else, we had to collect Biggie from school at 3.30). Otto calmed down finally.

Fraser left to collect Biggie at 3.10. I asked what the expected wait time was. Up to about 3 hours, they said. We finally made it into triage half an hour or so later – where Otto co-operated beautifully in being weighed and having her temperature and pulse taken – then cracked it in a big way when they tried to put a local anaesthetic cream on her hand. I got some, but even then she refused it. The good thing was that we were told that some “clear fluids” were permissible and a can of Fanta counted as “clear fluids”. That satisfied her, for a while.

Fraser and Biggie got back and the kids played for a while – it must have been well after 4.30 before we were called through to see a Doctor. Dr Helen had a bit of a look while I distracted Otto, and then talked about scary stuff like scarring and risk factors, and called a surgeon to come down and look at her.

We waited … and waited … and waited.

Jess the Play Therapist came to spend some time with Otto and calm her down about being in the hospital – with books that beeped when buttons were pushed. At this point, neither of us had eaten since 9am … I don’t blame Otto for being cranky.

Eventually, we were told that the surgeon would be with us in half an hour, so Fraser and Biggie went to move the car. Of course, the surgeon Dr Mr Nice Kiwi Dr Craig arrived in 5 minutes.

The plan is to hope that it goes away – so he didn’t operate today. As he said, it’s a toss-up between letting it potentially get worse (which we would notice before it became dangerous) or giving a potentially unnecessary general anaesthetic.

We have a follow-up appointment in around 2 weeks – actually, the time will be sent to us. We can call if it gets worse, or go back in.

It was after 6.30 before we got home – and we only live less than 10 minutes from the hospital.

I hope there’s a phone number on the appointment notification. Spending a day like that was lame. (Yes, I realise, valuable service, provided appropriately, blah blah blah, all stuff I agree with … but still, SEVEN HOURS!)

At least we have eaten, now.

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Posted by on November 23, 2007 in children, family, health


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