OMG Monday

29 Nov

My Monday.

9am Drop Biggie at school

9.10am Drop Otto at pre-school (kindergarten)

9.15am Driving home, decide it would be good to have Good Hair. Go to hairdresser instead.

10.30 (or so) leave hairdresser, come home, ring doctor’s nurse. Get 11.45 appointment to see doctor. Do work (prep for meeting)

11.45 get to Dr. Wait.

12.25 get in to see Dr. Yikes. Explain that I have a 1pm meeting in the city.

12.35 leave Dr. Run to car. Zoom zoom zoom.

1pm meeting

1.55pm extra meeting with client, who wants me to bid on another (short) project to do next week.

2.10pm back to car. No ticket, but meter expired. phew.

2.30 home, check email, start to write bid for other project.

3.20 drive to school to collect Biggie

3.45 Post Office. Biggie goes to get mail. Kinda sorta double park while she does.

3.46 Post Office door closes. Why has Biggie gone inside? OMG could it be Agricola? No, must not get hopes up, must not get hopes up.

3.51 Biggie comes to car: Mum, you have to sign for something. But don’t get your hopes up. It won’t be Agricola. (see, she even knew the name). I go in, have to wait again (!). Biggie goes to the still-maybe-double-parked car to get the camera, just in case.

3.53 Post Office Guy comes out with box. I squeal. I tell everyone in the post office how long I have been waiting for the box, how excited I am, etc etc. I sign for the box. Post Office Guy takes it away again (to scan). I tell people some more about how excited I am. Biggie takes many photos. I suspect she may be hiding behind the camera because I am embarrassing her. I don’t care much.

3.55 I restrain myself from kissing Post Office Guy (and all the people in the Post Office). Drive to supermarket. Must get iron supplements and dinner food – preferably red meat. There may possibly have been some singing in the care: “Agricola Agricola Agricola.” Biggie may possibly have been mortified at my “childish and immature” behaviour. This may possibly have encouraged it.

4.00 arrive at supermarket. Open post box & remove Agricola. Carry it into supermarket.

Biggie: Why are you carrying the game into the supermarket?
Me: It would be annoying if our car was stolen. It would be tragic if Agricola was stolen.
Biggie: :rolls eyes:

4.05 At the supermarket, we buy lamb and beef sausages, pita bread (grain) and salad stuff (veggies). There is no wild boar at our supermarket. I am relieved there is no kangareeple in the game, as eating the national emblem is beyond me.

5.00 home. Take huge iron tablet (it is like a horse pill!) Open box. Giggle. Sing the Agricola song some more. Start fitting cards into card condoms. Start cutting paste-ups. Fraser gets home. Sing the Agricola song to tell him it is here. (Fraser: :rolls eyes:)

5.55 Fraser points out the clock I was using was half an hour fast. No time to cook veggies and salad. Cook sausages.

6.00 Fraser takes over cooking sausages so I can post about getting Agricola. OMG It’s here!! Change skype name, google talk name, BGG username, email photos to friends. Attempt to suppress excitement. Fail.

6.20 eat amazingly yummy greek lamb sausage. Yum.

6.30 consider taking game to Biggie’s school music concert, to paste up. Mentally smack self for being unnatural parent. Consider having mentally injured self so cannot go to school music concert. Smack self again.

7.00 arrive for music concert. It is … I think woeful is acceptable. Most children have trouble playing the songs they are performing. Our daughter is of course outstanding. (I thought this was a joke until her teacher cornered me to tell me how outstanding out daughter is).

9.00 music concert finally finishes.

9.15 home, kids to bed

10.30 we finally sit down to play our first 2p Agricola

11.30 Fraser wins. By 10 points. Bastard.

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