Smellovision, Magnetic Paper and an Excess of Packing Peanuts

20 Dec

I don’t know whether it is the iron supplements, but suddenly my sense of smell is going wild. Fraser has always been a little smell-deaf, so he’s no help in determining whether it’s real or my imagination.

The worst thing is that there are a couple of places in the house that smell moldy to me – suggesting that we may be getting a problem with damp after the recent heavy rains.

Or possibly that the children have left food in strange places.

Only time (and a really thorough cleaning – we’re talking moving furniture around) will tell.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is our last day at creche. Well, Otto’s last day at creche. It will be 9 years, 1 month and a day since Biggie’s first day.

I have gifts for all 16 carers as well as a (printed) 1-page letter talking about the wonderful memories we have of the centre. I’ve written a personal note on the end of each, which was easy for some carers and not so easy for others. We’re also giving each carer a Christmas decoration and a personalised fridge magnet – I bought some “magnetic paper” and made magnets with a photo of the girls and a Thankyou to the creche. I wish it could be more – but I am slightly in love with the idea of Christmas decorations as gifts. Especially if, after this Christmas, I stock up for next year.

Fraser has the day off tomorrow, so that we can finish our Christmas shopping. I think all that’s left now is the girls – just the small stuff, really.

5 Parcels arrived today. Two were for an organisation we’re part of, but the other three were for us. There’s something from the girls from Fraser’s father and stepmother; the second part of our order (still waiting for part 1), which contains a book for Biggie, a card game for us and Chicken Cha Cha Cha for Otto; and our order from Caterpillar Games – Pitchcar and both expansions, as well as Trötofant for me the girls (wow it comes in a big box). The boot of the car was full!

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Posted by on December 20, 2007 in games, health, house


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