Reasons to love your spouse

25 Dec

Quote of the season.

Fraser, to me: “Sometimes I love you because you are so evil.”

The Backstory:

Ever since the DVD set of Dr Who and the Key to Time was released here, Biggie has been jonesing for it. It’s not quite up to pestering, but it is well into begging and beyond. Ask her what she wants for Christmas, this is what she says. Tell her we are going shopping, she asks whether we can get it. Etc etc etc.

Fraser and I saw it on special a few days ago, and caved.  Well, sort of.

Last night, we were wrapping Christmas gifts. Fraser picked it up and asked what we should do with it.

My theory – and the thought which won me the eternal devotion of my husband – was simple.

Put it on the shelf where we keep the other DVDs and see how long it takes her to notice it.

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Posted by on December 25, 2007 in christmas, parenting


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