Updating as I go (To-do)

10 Jan

Still to do:

  • Otto hospital followup visit – delegated to Fraser
  • Mail games for Boardgames Australia awards around the country – delegated to Fraser
  • Change sheets on beds – half done (sheets off, new sheets not on yet)
  • Wash sheets & towels
  • Pack for holiday – piles all over table
  • Invoicing for jobs
  • Clear out fridge
  • Clean kitchen benches – dump fruit, etc
  • Clean out kitchen cupboards (hoping to delegate to Fraser)
  • Order new sofa
  • Prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements
  • Clean kids’ room – delegated to Biggie (who hasn’t done it yet)
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry – collect, wash, dry – almost finished, maybe 2 more loads
  • Sort clean laundry and put away
  • Select games to take away
  • Fold up spare bed
  • Take down Christmas tree (yes, we are late) and pack away decorations
  • Quick tidy living room & dining room (shouldn’t take long)
  • Pack car for holiday
  • Arrange someone to collect mail & water plants
  • Find beach shelter, buckets and spades, etc
  • BSW town meeting/discussions
  • Find a sitter for my Travian account

Things I didn’t realise that I still need to do when I wrote my To-Do list yesterday

  • Query pathology bill (should have been bulk-billed?)
  • Clean out car
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