Holiday Day 2

13 Jan

After being woken by Biggie at 1.30 and Otto at 4.30 (I had only just got back to sleep), we were not happy to be woken at 8 by the kids jumping up and down in the corridor. They’d taken to heart the “no coming in to wake mummy and daddy” but had sneakily found the escape clause. Sigh.

By then, they’d already played a couple of hands of Dora the Explorer’s My First Uno.

When we read the local papers last year, we were amazed that the fluoridation debate was raging. This year, it’s still going strong, with all 6 of the local rag’s Letters to the Editor from the anti-fluoride lobby. That’s about as exciting as the local papers get.

First family game for the day was Cluedo. Fraser and I were racing to check out the last three rooms; he was first to the Billiard Room for a win. Once again, the perp was Reverend Green – I must go back over the games we have played, as I think RG is definitely the criminal mastermind of the Cluedo box.

Next was Frank’s Zoo, where I demonstrated my extreme suckage. Final scores: Biggie 10. Melissa 10, Fraser 22. Not worth playing out to 2nd place.

We headed down the street so the kids could have a turn on the trampolines (after Otto’s recent trampoline accident, a commercial trampoline suspended over a pit seems a much safer option than the backyard version), and checked out the second-hand bookshop (lots of crime novels) as well as the Op Shop book section (Fraser found some science fiction). Wandering back to the car, a little voice said, “Otto!” [disclaimer: Actually, the little voice said Otto’s real name, we haven’t indoctrinated her crèche friends yet]. It was Jazzy, one of Otto’s crèche friends, and her dad. We arranged to meet at the pool later in the afternoon, then headed back home for lunch and some quiet time.

Otto had fun at the pool with her dad. Biggie had less fun, as Jazzy thinks she’s a better swimmer than she is, so Biggie chased around after her while Jazzy’s mum and grandmother soaked up some rays and chatted (I was hiding in the shade). It was lovely for Otto to see one of her friends – holidays tend to be quite isolating, especially over the long break – but Biggie found it a little frustrating, especially when one of the lifeguards told her off for not keeping a better eye on Jazzy.

Home again for some dinner, and then we broke out a new Australian game for a test-run. We both liked it quite a lot (me considerably more than I expected to), which was a good sign. The Bigster put herself to bed (but neglected to turn out the light, as we discovered an hour or so after her bedtime) and we played Spooky Stairs at Otto’s request before reading bedtime stories and settling her to bed too. She’s taken to calling me “Melissa” when she wants to get my attention – last night, I was “Lissa – no, Lissy”

With both kids asleep by 9.30 (yay!) we pulled out Agricola for a 2 player game. I have some cards to playtest but this was a straight “as she’s writ” game. We each played quite a few cards but I squeezed a 5-point victory, despite Fraser’s 5-room stone house (Mine was a 3-room clay affair). The Wagenpflug (vehicular plough – looking through my plough references for a better name) really helped, as I managed to plough 6 spaces and only lost 2 points for unused farmyard, to Fraser’s 6. Another outstanding card was the Baker, which let me bake during the Harvest. Fraser benefited from the Conservator, which let him renovate his wooden hut directly to stone.

I finished my first book of the holiday – Runemarks, by Joanne Harris. I enjoyed it, although I felt that she perhaps had a little too much going on and some of the writing at the end of the book was a little confused.. The Norse God references were obvious very early although now that I have read the back cover blurb they’re given away there anyway. It was not half bad though, and may possibly be the best thing I read all holiday.

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