Holiday day 3

13 Jan

The kids didn’t quite wake us up this morning. At least, they didn’t quite try to. They just sort of tippytoed down the corridor and into our room, to check the time on my mobile phone. Several times.

We’d arranged to meet Jazzy and her family at 3, so spent a quiet morning at the house. Biggie went outside to play (and possibly eat some sweets that she’d smuggled outside with her), then Otto went out just as she came in. A few minutes later, we heard piercing (and terrified) screams from outside. Biggie got there first, as Otto rushed towards the house. “It’s on me,” she sobbed hysterically.

Now, this may not seem a big thing, but for Otto to be able to speak when she is upset is a major, major step – so between being worried about why she was (still) screaming, we were kind of a little bit delighted as well.

Long story short, bullant in sandal. It bit her twice on the foot. She managed an, “It’s in my shoe” as well – although it wasn’t, any more. We calmed her down eventually with a wet face-washer on her foot – it’s amazing what a wet face-washer will cure. She then decided that it didn’t really bite her, its antennae stung her. We nodded and didn’t dare argue.

Meanwhile, Biggie was hysterical too because she didn’t know what had happened to her little sister, and had managed to convince herself that it was her fault because (a) she was not outside with Otto; (b) she had been outside before Otto; and (c) it was because of her that Otto stopped wearing socks with her sandals. We suggested that none of these was really something she needed to be feeling guilty about, but she wept and wailed for quite some time.

While dealing with calming Otto down, I sent Biggie-of-the-messy-hair off to shower and wash her hair. She’s not been looking after it and it has become more and more tangled. Today was a record though – I started untangling at 1pm, broke for about 5 minutes to eat a sandwich for lunch, and was barely 2/3 of the way round when I sent Fraser and Otto off to the pool. I finally finished detangling at 4.06 – she’s now on final warning. One more tangle incident and the hair gets cut. Off.

Biggie’s disappointed at not getting to the beach today, but I’m quite enjoying the quiet day at home (now that my combing hand has uncramped).

I finished book #2 today – Size doesn’t matter, by Meg Cabot (it’s the 3rd of her Heather Wells mysteries). No-one would call this series deep, but it’s a lot of fun and very relaxing. I had just got to the good kissing bit when Otto met Mr Bullant.

Book #3 was worse though – The Spaceship Graveyard, which is a Doctor Who Choose-your-own-adventure-style book. Santa gave it to Biggie for Christmas and she saved it to bring down here – and is now excited to be able to inflict it on me and Fraser too.

Meanwhile, Otto and Fraser are back from the beach. Otto is making cross faces at her dad, hindered by the fact that her hair isn’t tied back. She has to hold it off her face so that he can see the (very impressive) face she’s pulling.

We’re off down the street for ice cream (kids) and internet cafe (me). I am starting to twitch …

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