Holiday Day 5

17 Jan

We kicked off our gaming by playtesting some new cards for Agricola (some differences of opinion over which cards were good & which were maybe a little overpowered), then headed (late) for the beach. Nice waves, good surf and a little friend for Otto to make.

Final results: Melissa 48, Fraser 40, Tom 32

Back to the house with pizza – we discovered the almost-too-much-garlic garlic pizza. There were mountains of garlic under the cheese – really good, but I couldn’t have eaten more than one slice. Otto was absolutely disgusted by it.

Poor Biggie chipped the back off a tooth – we now need to work out what to do with that. To console her, Tom taught her to play To Court the King – she’s played quite a lot of solo Yahtzee, so she understood what to do very quickly and managed to win both the base game and a game played with the expansion. I suggested that beating a game designer at his own game was not a bad effort.

 My day finished with 3-player Agricola with the E-deck. I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong but it was mortifying. I do not like the Ratcatcher card at all.

Final results: Melissa 15, Tom 27, Fraser 34. I may never live this down.

Quote of the game. Fraser: “It needs a PEZ dispenser.”

I went to bed while Fraser and Tom slugged it out in a 2-player match.

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