Holiday Day 6

17 Jan

Am I getting a cold, or am I allergic to the dust here? It definitely feels like the house has been less maintained this year, so either is a definite possibility.

We rang our dentist, who offered us an appointment tomorrow. The kids are scheduled for an appointment on the 29th anyway. The prospect of a 3-hour drive each way, though, was a bit much –although we considered sending Fraser and Biggie back to Melbourne tonight so they’d only have to drive it once tomorrow. (Hm – if I had gone, I could have been nerdly all night). We tracked down the dentists in Geelong (only about an hour’s drive from here) who are affiliated with our health insurance provider, and managed to get an appointment with the second surgery that we rang (the first offered us an appointment on the 24th …). The plan is that we’ll all go in and I will take Otto shopping – errrm, I mean, we will buy groceries – while Fraser and Biggie do the dentist thing.

That solved, it was time for gaming – Biggie’s first Agricola with cards. She did very creditably, using a corn scoop/baker combination to great effect. I played the entire game as a vegetarian (I fed my family reeds when they got hungry).

Final results: Melissa 37, Fraser 35, Tom 31, Biggie 28.

By the time we finished, it was raining, so children’s votes for trampolines and/or swimming pool faded away. Biggie persuaded Tom to bring out To Court the King again (she’s already made me promise to buy her a copy) and got the hat trick – 3 games won out of 3. Next, he taught us to play Jericho, while Otto listened to “My wobbly tooth must not ever NEVER fall out” on CD, umpteen times. We now know much of this story by heart. Jericho is a nice light card-game that we would have completely bypassed because of the religious theme.

Final results: Biggie 8, Tom 7, Fraser 18, Melissa 20.

Tom had to head back to Melbourne, so we went out for late afternoon tea/early dinner, supermarket and back to the house. I had completely and utterly hit the wall so I went to bed, checked email on my mobile phone (Fraser likes to say a-d-d-i-c-t), read for a little while and went to sleep. Finally got up after Biggie had gone to bed, feeling much better.

Latest book: A Noble Radiance by Donna Leon. This was a relatively early addition to the series. Fraser and I both enjoy these – they’re interesting stories that would make a wonderful set of telemovies. These are another traditional beach read for us, as Annie’s Book Exchange often has a few.

Plans for tomorrow? I’m hoping for some internet cafe time, but am not sure how much I will be able to negotiate. If it’s cool again, we may take the girls to the wonderful old cinema here in town (you pay extra to sit upstairs in the balcony, but it’s worth it). They’re showing Enchanted, and I think they’ll both enjoy it. I might even take them myself, to give Fraser some free time.

Meanwhile, working on Agricola rules revisions as I know the English text is needed for at least one other language edition. I have written a report of the playtesting we did yesterday that I need to email off, too (it runs to 5 pages – brevity was never my long suit).

Have I talked about how much I love my 3G phone? This is a new thing for me and I am having way too much fun with it.


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2 responses to “Holiday Day 6

  1. friendlessfarrell

    February 5, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    One evening Scrabblette and I were in bed together, each with a laptop. So I sent her email. Sadly she doesn’t receive email on that laptop, but it’s OK because her Palm was just by the bed and the email came in on that. I can’t decide if it’s cute or sad.

  2. melissainau

    February 5, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    LOL! That’s outstanding 🙂


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