Holiday Day 7

17 Jan

Woken by the phone. Fraser and I have to go to court as witnesses and the date has been brought forward – to a time when we are still on holiday. It’s unlikely that we will have to go back to Melbourne for it, but it’s a possibility 😦

Biggie finally got her wish for a game of Puerto Rico. It’s been a long, long time – I don’t think we’ve played since we were here last year. Biggie took her favourite Hospice/University strategy, with a side order of Construction Hut. I got an early Harbour, but Fraser had production covered in most resources and got the factory around the time I bought a Wharf. Meanwhile, Biggie was powering away with her buildings.

Final (mortifying) results: Melissa 36, Fraser 31, Biggie 52. She had two active 4-buildings to my 0 and Fraser’s 1 inactive one. Needless to say, she’s keen to play again.

Big Agricola rules edit finished and ready to email off, so I have the excuse I need to hit the Internet cafe. It’s cold today, so the plan is that we’ll take the girls to the movies to see Enchanted, then Fraser will take them trampolining and back to the house while I nerd. Then, we’ll swap. It remains to be seen how comfortable my husband is, using a pink computer in public.

I may yet need to set up a late-night chat to go over some of the proposed revisions – that would involve driving down the street and parking outside one of the big hotels, to buy internet time on their network. That’s marginally more pricey than using the internet cafe, but it has the advantage that I can do it during European awake time (and after the girls have gone to sleep). The disadvantage is that I am limited by my battery life.

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