Holiday Day 10

20 Jan

Vince had to leave by around lunchtime, so there was only time for a quick game of Agricola. We were keen to use the I-deck but I hadn’t pasted it up yet. The solution? 7 E-deck cards for Biggie and, for the adults, 3 E-deck plus 4 I-deck. Fraser had to run through the translation on my PC to paste up his own 8 cards. This worked OK.

Quote of the game

Fraser (pasting up cards): “Oooo, I NEVER want to play without this card again.”

(it was the Dreschschlitten – Threshing Board).

I played a very opportunistic game, with a really wide range of occupations and improvements that all gave me different advantages. It meant that I never had to take start player, as I didn’t really care about getting first or second action, which crippled Vince somewhat.

By the end of the game, I had played the Köhler (Charcoal Burner), Kaufmann (Merchant), Dorfältester (Village elder), Vorreiter (Outrider), Ackermann (Fieldsman), Gänseteich (Goosepond), Holzfuhre (Wood cart), Wagenpflug (Vehicular Plough), Steinklaue (Stone Tongs) and Bohnenfeld (Beanfield), as well as the Clay oven, Basketmaker’s Workshop and Pottery. Yikes!

Biggie and Fraser both had food production sewn up – Biggie hasn’t learned yet that when she has enough food for the game, she should concentrate on doing other things (even with the card that stops you losing points in most categories).

I also set myself up to renovate early, so I dominated the family size – I had 4 family members before anyone else even had 3. Early Family Growth really is critical in setting yourself up for a productive endgame.

Final results: Melissa 54, Vince 23, Fraser 33, Biggie 19.

Meanwhile, it is cold and rainy. It’s a little horrid for the kids that we’ve only made it to the beach 3 times so far this holiday, but the weather really hasn’t been up to it. Luckily they are both enjoying playing games and spending time together. Biggie seems much calmer than when we’re at home, which reinforces that I really need to make time to just hang out with her more.

Otto and I went shopping for the second wave of postcards (and posted the first – yay, us – I am not very good at actually posting things, and Fraser has a collection of cards that I have written, often stamped, but never posted over the years.).

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