Holiday Day 7 (part 2)

20 Jan

Enchanted. Hmm.

Patrick Dempsey is in it, so it gets points for pretty. And Giselle’s frocks are gorgeous. There were some funny parts, but I wouldn’t call it a “great” movie. I think Fraser liked it more than I did, but that often seems to be par for the course with chick flicks. Except the ones I like, of course.

Biggie thought it should have been rated PG “because of the kissing” (um, forget the wicked queen and the dragon and the people on top of the really really really big building and it’s raining and they are about to fall). So I kissed Fraser in the street and told her now we were *all* rated PG. Sigh – my daughter is a prude.

Biggie and I stopped at Lorne Beach Books to check things out. She found the picture book of Puff the Magic Dragon that I had admired in the window – it’s just the words of the song, beautifully illustrated, with a CD at the back with the song on it. She asked whether she could buy it for Otto’s birthday, which I thought was a lovely idea. We are starting a little tradition of buying things for Otto’s birthday at that shop. We also chose a novel for Biggie, The Lacemaker and the Princess. It’s set during the French Revolution & is the story of an 11-year-old lacemaker who ends up in the Court. It looks interesting, and she enjoys historical novels. (Note to self: Good new profession. Add to list.)

We introduced Otto to Diamant after I slammed the family at Cluedo (two VERY lucky guesses, no skill there at all). She liked it, but ran as soon as she had gems. I can see that this is one that will grow on her, though, and am sure she will quickly become a competitive player. There was a very cute quote but Fraser has reserved it for his blog next Tuesday. Ixnay on the Otequay.

Internet in the car at night is kinda fun. I got to play a quick game of Ingenious (thanks Greig and Damien), chat (winks at Dale) and check my email (waves to William & Hanno). Then to sleep all night, although apparently Otto woke twice needing attention. I am such a Bad, Sleepy Mother. Yay, me.

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