Holiday Day 8

20 Jan

Fraser thought I was mad leaving at 10.45 for a 12.30 dentist appointment an hour away. So did I, if truth be told. Then traffic was slow, the appointment was on the other side of Geelong, and Otto needed to go to the toilet in Torquay, the town with apparently no public toilets, even at service stations. We stopped at two service stations and a church (it had a toilet block in the car park, but it was all padlocked) before we finally found one at a shopping centre – wasting 20 minutes or more. We got to the dentist at 12.33.

Otto and I went over the road to a shopping centre, where she found a McDonalds which seemed an easy lunch option. Next thing, Fraser and Biggie were there too – she only had a temporary filling put on, as we are seeing our regular dentist in 11 days anyway. I managed to find a French dictionary (it’s a “School Dictionary & Grammar” but seems to be more than enough for me for now, and it includes examples of use which I like), a bucket and spade set for the kids (we have spades but somehow we always lose buckets), another Charlie & Lola book for Otto and a Clarice Bean novel for Biggie. We also did a biggish grocery shop, although the 1-hour drive back to Lorne limited what we could buy somewhat. We took the inland road which was very pretty and Otto enjoyed seeing cows and horsies and “some more big bales of hay.” Fraser and I made pathetic jokes about Fences and Pastures. There was a plough in a field and I realised I was truly tragic when I started trying to work out whether it was a Vehicular plough or a Turnwrest plough (watch for some nomenclature changes soonish).

Fraser did an internet dash (apparently he is confident enough to use my pink PC) to let people know that our favourite bad movie is on this Saturday night. To paraphrase him, “some movies are so bad they’re good … and some movies are so bad that you keep watching just to confirm that they really ARE that bad.” Leprechaun 4 is the latter kind. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Just as you think it’s got as bad as it possibly can, it moves to the next level of gaaahhhh. (To my Australian friends: Channel 7, 12.30am Sunday I believe – some time Saturday night, anyway).

I’ve moved on to the Agricola appendix which is kind of fun – it was such a quick translation, and I didn’t really understand the gameplay at that point, so there’s quite a bit to tighten up. I’m aware that there are starting to be time pressures so will hope to finish at least the first half of this today. Also to revise my French homework now that I have un dictionnaire.

The girls got to trampoline this afternoon. Biggie can do lots of sit down-stand up in a row, but she still bounces all over the trampoline. I suggested that if she is looking for a challenge she should try to stay in the centre of the tramp. She is not so sure why this was relevant, but she has inherited her mother’s complete lack of concentration. Meanwhile, Otto is gaining confidence at sit down-stand up and has moved on to bottom – knees – stand up. She’s very proud of herself, and raises her arms in a victory gesture each time she gets back to her feet. I had a (brief) turn myself and was surprised by (a) how bouncy the trampolines are (duh, I know) and (b) what a weird feeling it to be on one.

Otto broke out Pick Picknic this evening – she watched Fraser and Biggie playing earlier today, and apparently played with it for a while this morning. We had a nice little game, although she didn’t quite understand why it was unwise to play foxes Every Single Turn … I won, 80:46. I think I need to run through the rules for her again, as she’s clearly only picked up some of the mechanics.

Today’s book: ???. This was in the $5 pile at Kmart. Mystery novel set in the English Regency. It didn’t have enough of the setting to be an interesting Regency novel, or enough detection to interest me – it was an enjoyable enough read, but it was just a story, there wasn’t anything much for the reader to think about. I suspect I may have read another in the series, but am not certain.

Vince arrived late and we ended up chatting into the small hours rather than gaming. Both are fun.

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