Holiday Day 9

20 Jan

We kicked the day off with Diamant, at Otto’s request (“I want the cave game!”).

Final results: Fraser 16, Vince 19, Biggie 19, Otto 12, Melissa 31.

Next, at Biggie’s demand (stronger than a request) was Agricola (“I want to play your third child, Mummy”), using only the E-deck. Fraser dominated the game from the start. I was especially shafted during the last round, when I needed Fences (for 9 VP) or a Major Improvement (for 5 VP) and succeeded in taking neither of them. All game, though, I never managed to get any strategy working for me.

Final results: Fraser 51, Vince 41, Melissa 34, Biggie 22.

Next – at Otto’s request – was Dora the Explorer’s My First Uno. I think Fraser escaped to do dishes or something.

Final places: Vince 1st, Melissa 2nd, Otto 3rd, Biggie 4th.

Otto then started to do some clearing up, finding a pile of prototype cards I’d been looking at: “Mummy, I put your Agricola cards on the table.”

Later, we went to the beach – the very cold, bitterly cold, rainy beach. Fraser, Vince and Biggie went in swimming but it was too cold for me. Otto and I paddled, then dug a hole and built a sandcastle, then she went looking for shells while I shivered. Eventually Fraser took pity on me and took her into the water (it was fairly calm) and I sat on the beach in the rain, wrapped in a towel. If I had been thinking straight, I would have fetched our sun shelter from the car and set it up to protect me not from the sun but from the rain. (Aside: Several years ago, when we first started to come to Lorne, we couldn’t find a sun shelter but found a really cheap 2-person tent instead. We used that as a beach shelter out the back of our hotel. One day, it started to pour with rain, so we huddled in the tent – and a few minutes later, out came the most glorious sun and we had the entire beach to ourselves.)

Back at the house, we taught Vince to play Marrakesh (the HABA game). The most important rule (according to Otto, “reading” from the rules)? “We’ve got Primary colours and one Secondary colour.” So now you know.

Final results: Vince 5, Biggie 12, Melissa 17, Otto 13.

Dinner was at the Arab cafe, good food although tragically they had sold out of their famous apple crumble! I will have to go back later in the week to make sure I get some (this is perhaps not quite such a tragedy).

Fraser and Biggie taught Vince to play Mystery Rummy while I put Otto to bed – she didn’t want to sleep, she wanted to talk.

Me: “Shhh now, you need to go to sleep.”

Otto: “Don’t say that to me. Say, ‘silencio!’”

Dora the Explorer has a lot to answer for.

Even with the chatter, she’s going to sleep much faster than usual at the moment. At home, I’ve persuaded her to let me sit on the end of her bed rather than lie down with her, but she still needs someone to stay with her. I’m hoping to rearrange their room a little when we get home, so I can fit an old armchair in there, so I have somewhere to sit that is (a) more comfortable and (b) not immediately next to her.

By the time she finally settled, the Mystery Rummy game had just finished. Fraser and I had to playact the stern parents thing as Biggie begged to be allowed to stay up for just one game (we had intended all along to let her). Eventually I “grudgingly” agreed that she could stay up – “but just for a card game” – so we played Wizard. Biggie’s really starting to understand the game, talking about the Fool cards as “backup” for her nefarious plans.

Final results: Fraser 330, Biggie 280, Vince 310, Melissa 280.

With the Bigster off to bed, out came the games that Vince had brought with him. Winds of Plunder had sounded interesting and quite unlike the games I usually play, so I was keen. Rules took around 25 minutes, but the game itself only ran for an hour or so – just as well, as I was reeeeeeeeally tired. I have fallen asleep at the game table twice in my life, both times playing with Vince (it’s really nothing personal) so I was keen not to embarrass myself a third time. Fraser took the English reference cards and Vince the German, so they teased me with the French cards. I was pretty chuffed to understand the description of one of the action options: “Vous pouvez acheter 1 (et seulement 1) provision pour 2VP en jouant cette carte ...” (although the rest was well and truly beyond me).

Memo to self: Fraser is treacherous scum.

I would like to play this again, but I am not sure who we would play it with regularly, so it doesn’t go on the buy or even the wish list proper. I can’t see it working well with the Bigster, at least not yet. I didn’t really understand the end of game scoring of provisions, crew and weapons until the last round. Fraser pulled an amazing last round out of his hat, catching up nearly 20 points, but it was still not enough.

Although it’s not the type of game I usually enjoy, it has a couple of things that I do like in a game – limited number of turns and relatively quick play. I could see this coming in around 40 minutes if all the players had played before.

Final results: Melissa 62, Fraser 58, Vince 55.

There was some discussion after the game of which of me & Fraser was “the dominant beater” as we did spend a lot of the game beating up on one another. Interestingly, this didn’t give Vince a huge advantage, possibly because we were plundering things from each other as we went.

Bedtime was delayed by an ant crisis in the kitchen, but we slept well afterwards.

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