Holiday Day 11

22 Jan

The household pests in this house fascinate us. The house seems to be under constant attack from ants – regular ants only inside the house, bull-ants outside. Leave a sticky glass, plate or bottle anywhere and it will be black with swarming ants within an hour or less. Fraser forgot the cardinal rule and left his honey almond special K on the bench – and had to dump the entire box.

What intrigues us most, though, is effect that this has on other insect life. Last year, a fly died on the windowsill – and within an hour it was completely swarming with ants. That’s happened again this year – we have to be really vigilant about cleaning them up as soon as they crash and die (and they seem to do that quite often). But this year is even better – a huge dead huntsman spider appeared on the kitchen floor a couple of nights ago, covered in ants. We’ve been watching them dismantle it and haven’t had the heart to clean it up – it’s much too interesting. It’s well away from where we prepare food, so we’re not too worried about it – and it distracts the ants nicely.

More grossly, last night a dead, ant-covered cockroach appeared in the (semi-)outdoor toilet. I’m surprised to see cockroaches down this far – a couple of years ago, they only came as far south as Sydney, but now they’re all over Melbourne as well. I wouldn’t have expected them in Lorne, where it’s significantly cooler than in the city.

I like the ants better now that they are eating the hairy spider and the nasty cockroach. I think the kids do, too.

We got the weather forecast for the rest of the week, and it’s not much better. Thursday may be warm but it will be thunderstormy. We’ll likely drive home that night rather than racing to be out by 10am Friday.

Last night was bitterly cold, particularly in the two sleepouts – they’re part of the house, but they only have flywire and loose-ish wooden shutters in the windows, no glass. Ours wasn’t too bad but I got really cold in Otto’s room while I put her to bed. Biggie has a “proper” bedroom but commented that her nose got really cold last night – although we turn the central heating down overnight at home, we don’t usually turn it right off unless we’re going out, so the kids aren’t used to sleeping in cold cold rooms. Wimps.

Fraser has heaped probably-well-deserved scorn on my suggestion that we could come here for a long weekend in winter at some stage. Even Spring or Autumn would apparently be too much for him.

Meanwhile, we have posted Wave 2 of postcards (yay me!), visited the trampolines (I jumped too), got a parking ticket (my fault – boo hiss) and consulted the cinema timetable. I think we are going to have to divide and conquer, as I can’t see Otto sitting through any of the movies on offer. That’s bad, as Fraser and I both want to see The Golden Compass and National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets. (Note to self: Bring a babysitter next year!) The solution may be to each take Biggie to one crappy movie that she wants to see but we could live without (Mr Magorian’s Magical Emporium, anyone?). If it were dryer, we’d be able to go for some walks (although we didn’t really bring good walking shoes) but rain is an ever-present threat and we don’t want to be caught too far from shelter.

On the up-side, there’s always that apple crumble.

Quote of the day

Otto: “Because I hate wearing laundry baskets on my head.”

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