Holiday Day 12

22 Jan

We went to bed around 10 last night – the kids were asleep and it was cold. Unless we lit a fire, under the blankets was the warmest place to be.

I woke at 5 with a really bad cold and couldn’t sleep. Eventually got up (after reading and accidentally waking Fraser – oops) a bit before 7 and finished my book under a blanket in the living room. Now I’m doing the really exciting stuff – food plans for the next 2 weeks, as well as shopping lists. Who ever said you couldn’t find something interesting to do. Of course, the day that I wake ridiculously early is the day that the Bigster sleeps the latest she has this holiday. When she wakes, I might kidnap her & take her out for brekkie.

Oh crap. It’s bin morning.

Oh phew. Bins went out last night.

There is a kookaburra outside the window. Otto now thinks I am a Bird Expert, because I pointed out Rosellas and Kookaburras to her, and knew what a magpie was. Unfortunately, much as I hate to disappoint, that is about the extent of my bird knowledge.

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Posted by on January 22, 2008 in family, travel


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