Holiday Day 13

23 Jan

Games again this morning. After two dry days, I was ready to go again. First Cluedo with the whole family. This had no early breaks and it took a while to find the killer. Fraser got it just as I did, but it was his turn. It was also his playing piece. Colonel Mustard with the Dagger in the Study.

Final results: A win for Fraser.

Next up – at the request of both children – was Puerto Rico.

Otto: “I want to play too! (grabs game board)
Me: “You need to be able to read, to play this game. But you can be my partner, and you can look after our board.”
Otto: “OK. We need to start with 2 pieces of money.”

Quote of the game:

Fraser: “There’s people dying of oxygen starvation on top of mummy’s VP stack.”

Final results:

Melissa 44 VP from shipping, 20 from buildings (no specials) – 64

Biggie: 23 VP from shipping, 16 from buildings, 11 from specials – 50

Fraser: 24 VP from shipping, 25 from buildings, 6 from specials – 55


More Agricola edits made, ready to send off. I’ve maxed out my data allowance for the month with my phone, though, so won’t be able to keep up with emails until we get home (probably tomorrow night, unless something changes in our plans). This is inordinately stressful for me.

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