Holiday Day 14

25 Jan

Fraser and I wrapped last night up with another game of Word Wrangles, on which I cannot comment as it is subject to judging. I will, however, say:

Final results: I won. Woo hoo.


There’s always mixed feelings about reaching the end of a holiday. We have to be out of here by 10am tomorrow, so we plan to avoid the rush and leave later today (or earlier, depending on the weather – right now, not so promising). With all the books we’ve bought, that means there’s a heap more stuff to fit in the (already very full) car – fortunately I am not really concerned with packing “well” at this point.

Things I will miss:

  • ·         Being on holiday!
  • ·         The kids’ new sense of getting along MOST of the time (I am – pessimistically – convinced that they will be squabbling as soon as we are in the car
  • ·         Not feeling stressed about housework (and therefore being able to play games and read)
  • ·         Hearing the waves on the beach at night
  • ·         My commitment to blog every day of this holiday

Things I will not miss:

  • ·         The beds
  • ·         The cold
  • ·         The absence of an internet connection
  • ·         The feeling of isolation (see above, but also comments from Otto like “I miss my friends”
  • ·         The very limited cooking facilities
  • ·         Sand in inconvenient places
  • ·         My commitment to blog every day of this holiday


When we get home, we will swing straight into “busy mode”. There are groceries to be bought and baking to be done before the school year starts. The kids have appointments at the dentist and the hairdresser. They need new shoes, too, and Otto will need a school uniform. I have five user manuals to write by the 4th of Feb (the content is mostly there, it’s layout and pictures that need to be fixed). Fraser cracked the shits when I tried to take the Christmas tree down before we left (it wasn’t important to him) so it still needs to be taken down and packed away. And I really want to clean up the back yard too. There are playdates to organise (Otto has been with the same group of children since just before her first birthday, and now they have all separated to go to different schools) and school orientation visits to make.

The outlook for the rest of 2008 is busy. Both in the long-term and one-off stuff that will happen, but also in the day-to-day things we do.

Monday nights Fraser has (very) intermittent roleplaying

Tuesday nights both girls have swimming lessons and I have French classes (I told F it can be fish and chip night, if he wants)

Wednesday night Biggie has Guides

Thursday night Fraser has games club

Friday night we alternate hosting game night with friends

Saturday morning Biggie has German classes.

Then there are the once-a-months – games day, Biggie’s book club at the library.

With Otto starting school, we don’t want to commit her to anything outside at this point. She’ll keep up her swimming lessons, but anything beyond that (and possibly even that) will be too much. At some point, I think she would really enjoy gymnastics classes as she’s very agile – but that would require me to pick her up another night, and I’m not sure that will be possible.

On top of all that, I have the prospect of some work that will require interstate travel – that’ll be interesting, as I’ve never spent the night away from home & family since Otto was born (and possibly since Biggie, except for hospital visits). It will be an interesting test of how she might cope with my going to Essen.

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