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06 Feb

We signed with an estate agent today to sell Fraser’s house.

This guy won the business for a few reasons:

  • When he came in, he talked about the types of buyers that would want to buy the house – and all his recommendations made sense, based on that.
  • His ideas matched ours.
  • He’s fairly young, so is close to the sort of demographic that would be buying this house.
  • His agency handle all sorts of properties – we’re selling this as “half renovated” and it won’t be the crappest house on their books.
  • Although he initially asked a higher commission than the others, that was evidently an ambit claim as he was happy to negotiate.

We had his recommended property maintenance guy through today, to talk about what needs to be done. There are some minor fixes needed in the bathroom, and we will need to repaint so that it presents well.

That was actually something I liked about this agent as well – he could see that even though the house was looking a bit faded, it was sound and didn’t actually need  much done to it – the others saw the run-down parts at the back and wrote it off as unrenovated, where it is really very liveable.

Action plan for this week:

  • Get house cleaned (the tenants that just moved out were going to do this, we need to check with them)
  • Get rubbish removed from garage
  • Plant garden beds
  • Start conveyancing – prepare vendor’s statement
  • Get rid of wardrobes (Freecycle here I come!)

Of course, we still have to see what Property Maintenance Guy wants to charge us … he’s thinking funky paint job, which would look fantastic …

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Posted by on February 6, 2008 in realestate


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