International Do-Nothing Day

10 Feb

Today, we had our first Do-Nothing Day for the year. We really needed a quiet weekend – we even made the Bigster knock back an invitation to sleep at a friend’s house last night – and it was worth it.

I woke at about 8.15, logged in and played some games on BSW. Biggie was up and reading, Otto woke around 9.

Fraser got up and played some Civ 2; I finished my games and went to bed with a pile of recipe books, to plan the next 2 weeks’ meals and shopping. This is hideously organised of me, but it means that cooking dinner and shopping are both no-brainers — I  just follow what the list says. It also means we eat a better range of meals and interest value of meals.

Then I napped and read my book for a bit, while Otto played on and around the bed. In the kitchen, Fraser sorted out plastic food storage containers and threw out any that weren’t the kind he likes, and any that don’t have lids. Our plastics cupboard is so tidy now!! Fraser also rocks because he did laundry so I would not have to.

My brother rang to organise a birthday dinner, my mother rang just to chat.

Biggie and I looked at an enormous map of Europe and talked about where she would like to go. She needs to do some reading and think about some priorities for her enormous list of places to visit.  Fraser and I need to do the same 🙂

Quick chat with a friend (we will catch up properly tomorrow, I promise).

Next, Otto and I got dressed and walked up to the supermarket to do the first shopping run of the new meal plans. Fraser came and collected us (and the shopping) and we went to Kmart for more plasticware. She sucked me into buying her another Charlie and Lola book (I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato).

Home, run kids’ bath, do house stuff, cook dinner (chicken sausages with sweet potato mash, followed by apple and cinnamon crumble), bsw while putting kids to bed, do French homework (when is gutless, afraid-of-heights me going to need to know how to say ‘hang-gliding’ in French? (it’s faire du deltaplane for anyone who is interested) — I guess it will help me avoid accidentally ending up booked to do it at some stage in the future), do Travian (moi? impulse control? I think not). I am quite the warlord & have 2 smaller alliances paying tribute to me in return for game advice and assistance. I may end up with quite the powerbase in my little corner of the world.  We also watched Samantha Who? which is a surprisingly funny tv show that Fraser had taped. This is one that I may keep watching.

I think I am going to put together a cleaning products bucket for the other house. More to the point, I think I am going to buy a product I despise – “bench cleaning wipes” (like baby wipes but with antibacterial cleaning stuff in them). I figure a bucket with some wipes and a dustpan and brush ought to do it. Fraser was surprised – I think he had not thought of cleaning the house between viewings.

Outlook for the week: Quiet. Possibly may have to go in for 1 meeting, that’s it. Try to play games.
Outlook for next weekend: Try for more of the same.
Outlook for the year: excellent.

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Posted by on February 10, 2008 in children, family, realestate


One response to “International Do-Nothing Day

  1. Ann

    February 14, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    Charlie and Lola are amongst the favorites here too – this does not sound like a do nothing-day to me though. But being in bed in the middle of the day? Your world IS upside down 🙂


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