18 Feb

Much to catch up on, here is the complaint.

My mother gave me a Murano glass ring for my birthday. It would have fit on my ring finger, but was more comfortable on my little finger. I wore it Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Woke up this morning in fairly acute little finger pain. I think I’ve dislocated something by wearing the heavy ring.

Meanwhile, yesterday morning I bought (inc loading trolley, unloading trolley, loading car) 5 enormous bags of potting mix and 4 of pine bark mulch for Fraser’s house – then spread all the potting mix and about half of the mulch, and planted some plants. My shoulders hurt too.

But my little finger hurts more. The joint kind of clicks when I bend it (and it hurts, too). I tried pulling on it but it didn’t do anything.


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Posted by on February 18, 2008 in health, realestate


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