What time?

20 Feb

You would think that I would have recordered from this unfortunate habit by now.

I had a call at around 1pm that work had some work that they needed me to do urgently (they had also emailed me a day or so before but I hadn’t seen it yet). I settled in and did 2 hours, then sent it back to confirm that they were expecting me to do what I did while I collected the kids from school.

On getting home, we did mum stuff – packing swimming bags, getting into swimsuits, etc – then Fraser came home and took them up to the pool. I got changed for French class and waited for my friend to pick me up.

After French, I had to get some dinner and do both girls’ hair, then put Otto to bed – so it was probably 10.15 or so by the time I emerged ready to get cracking again.

It is now 1:46. I am probably 70% done, but I need to get up and move around to wake myself up a bit before I do any more.

I am working in a completely different timezone, tonight.

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Posted by on February 20, 2008 in work


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